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Support for Businesses

Server and Workstation Builds/Migrations

Whether you're moving your business to a new location, or just your data to a new platform, we at TCR can help you accomplish this with a minimum of fuss. Our skilled professionals boast up to two decades worth of experience with roll-outs and migrations of IT infrastructure.

System and Data Backup

Nothing of your entire IT investment is more important than your data. So let us help you protect it with regular backups - local and remote - and which you can always revert to in the event of a disaster. Let TCR help your business with fast, unobtrusive, reliable and thorough backups using the most up-to-date technology and skills.

Anti-Malware Protection

Avoid downtime and slow down of your IT estate with the most comprehensive anti-malware and anti-spam protection available, which we at TCR are able to implement and maintain for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

System and Network Optimization

Get the most out of your IT investment. Let TCR tune it for maximum productivity for your specific circumstances.

Email Service Management

Email is the lifeblood of modern business and so it is crucial for you to have this service up and running all the time! Let TCR manage it for you to be assured you're communicating  with the world 24/7.

Cloud Computing

Want to let the cloud take the strain of IT housekeeping? We at TCR can help you set up cloud services and avoid the hassle of having to maintain your own servers 24/7 but only use and pay for the services you require when you require them.

Site Visits

When it is necessary for us to be on-site to deal with certain issues that may arise on your system, we can guarantee to be there same day! And we will make regular scheduled visits anyway - just to make sure those things that can't be completely monitored remotely are behaving as expected.

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